child of the crown


Molade short for Omolade means child of the crown, Molade is an Independent record producer & writer from the UK.

Molade has previously featured on the bbc introducing show with his single called "love higher", a collaboration with emerging London female rapper Frizz Price.

Love higher also achieved a top 20 spot on the UK urban club chart 3 weeks running.

2019 Molade has collaborated with various artists and will be releasing some exciting EP singles. 

With releases such as ''Auriella'' recorded in Jamaica featuring Kingston Jamaica born artist, Soosmooth. 

And ''Don't let me down'' recorded in Lagos, Nigeria. Featuring Dantegoodboy. 


2019 is an exciting year for me I feel, new releases recorded in Jamaica and Nigeria for example. A mixture of afro beat and rnb songs with some pretty cool house remixes. 


I am a huge fan of house music also and so I decided to collaborate with some pretty cool independent DJ and producers from London and Israel. 


Hope you enjoy and oh yeah, only positive feed back pretty please. 

The next stage  

I started networking with local independent artists  which led to some collaborations. This was my first taste to making some proper music and sharing  ideas with talented people. 


It also raised challenges as it led to not just making music but a lot of project management. 


I released Love higher independent of course which was aired a couple of times on the BBC introducing radio show and achieved a top 20 spot on the UK Urban club chart, 3 weeks running.

The beginning  

Gosh, ermmmm the beginning? It all started whilst I was this hardworking student at university. I laugh at hardworking. Well I did leave uni with 2 degrees so maybe I should give myself a break.

I had this massive obsession with making beats, listening to all sorts of genres particularly hip hop. Where ever I would be, weather I was in the high street, on holiday and I heard a sound  I would be like ''can I sample that or what if  I put that there? on and on '' 

My friends at that time would be like dude your not Kanye West, chill out. 

The Obsession led me to a lot of research and teaching myself the art of making music and song writing, playing about with my keyboard and music gadgets and soft wares.